Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant

The Market Readiness Assistance ("MRA") Grant is introduced by IE Singapore to help companies make their first bold move to step out into the overseas market. Designed to accelerate the international expansion of Singapore SMEs, the MRA Grant supports pre-determined activities focused on helping companies in overseas set-ups, identification of business partners and overseas market promotion. Companies may get up to 70% of eligible third-party costs supported under the Grant.

These costs cover activities such as:
• Overseas market set-up
• Identification of business partners
• Overseas market promotion

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Capability Development Grant (CDG)
The Capability Development Grant ("CDG") is a financial assistance programme introduced by Spring Singapore that helps businesses to build capabilities across 10 key business areas, ranging from raising service standards, adopting technology to staff training and overseas expansion. The grant supports a wide range of capability upgrading initiatives to help businesses grow locally and globally.

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Productivity and Innovation Credit ("PIC") Scheme
Enjoy tax deductions and cash grants on your investments for productivity improvements and innovation with the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC). The Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC), dispensed under the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, allows your business to enjoy 400% tax deductions up to $400,000 or 60% cash payout up to $100,000, for investments in innovation and productivity improvements.

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